Premature Ejaculation

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Men with erectile problems were excluded from the study. Researchers also do not include men (or their partners) with physical or mental problems that may interfere with learning. They also do not recommend that anyone take the vaccine for anything other than premature and that changes in the past four weeks or may change during the course of the study. Men who were intoxicated or addicted to drugs, were familiar with local anesthesia, those who had a pregnant partner or partners were reluctant to use the vaccine during the study, who used certain drugs. heart disease, and special patients or medications that may pose safety concerns, are also excluded.

At the time of their registration, participants had a physical examination including a cardiac examination, and were included in a series of questionnaires related to their body length, including the Pre-Ejaculation Test (IPE), which included scores for ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction. . . , and Early Ejaculation Profile (PEP)). They also rated their orgasms on a five-point scale from “very poor” to “very good.”

The 300 men reported that they ejaculated within one minute of the onset of sexual intercourse (by access to ejaculation) at least two of the three-week screenings randomly assigned to those placebo or spray PSD502. Men are instructed to apply the largo spray to the penis 5 minutes before intercourse and fill it with a padlock on how long the sex is at all times and have unpleasant results. The men were told not to use the spray more than once every 24 hours and not to engage in physical activity that caused the body to travel at least 24 hours before spraying. The men are not yet allowed to use condoms so researchers can investigate all the spray effects on the male partner.

The participants continued to use the spray as a double blind (both participants and researchers were unaware of the spray they were using) for three months. Men wrote the IPE and PEP questions at the time of diagnosis. At the end of the study, they also rated their strength on a 5-point scale using the beginning of the study, measuring the spray on a four-point scale from ‘negative’ to ‘negative’. ‘best’ and checked their pen. Researchers have compared the results for the PSD502 spray and sprayer.

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