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Life Long Timing Cream for Prolongs Sex

The Timing cream helps keep men up to a longer time in bed made by doctors in England, “The Sun reported. He said the test showed that the spray increased from a few minutes to almost four minutes. The newspaper reported a study of 300 men with. physical activity spray or a placebo five minutes before sex that was administered spray duration from 0.6 minutes to 3.8 minutes, while the placebo group increased to 1.1 minutes.

The men in this study all had an early immune ejaculation response and the timing cream did not have the same effect on uninsured men who just wanted to have longer sex. . The drug is also not “spray-on Viagra”, because it contains different drugs and, unlike Viagra, is not used to treat erectile dysfunction. Additional controlled trials are needed to determine whether the PSD502 vaccine is more effective than other treatments, such as behavioral or alternative therapies.

Where does the story come from?

Dr W. Wallace Dinsmore from Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast and Michael G. Wyllie from Plethora Solutions Ltd (the company that makes the PSD502 spray) are the co-authors of this study. No investment was reported, one of the authors was a director and owner of Plethora Solutions Ltd, while the other was a consultant and auditor for the company. The study was published in a clinical study with clinical drug candidate BJU International.

What does the research show is this?

This was a double-blind randomized placebo controlled trial. Its purpose is to investigate the effect of the timing cream on sexual ejaculatory latency in men with premature ejaculation. The PSD502 system contains 7.5mg or lidocaine and 2.5mg prilocaine, both of which are local anesthetics.

Researchers have said that although topical anesthetics have been used successfully for a long time, they have not been specifically designed or licensed for this use and there are some messy disadvantages, long wait times and want to use a condom.

Researchers enrolled men over the age of 18 from 31 sites in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, UK and Hungary). All men had been in heterosexual monogamous relationships and were diagnosed with early life prior to ejaculation according to standard guidelines. This process defines premature ejaculation as “male sexual activity caused by ejaculation, which is always or nearly always occurring within or within minutes of the genital, inability to delay ejaculation in all or most of the genitals, as well as negative personalities, such as anxiety. , harassment, anxiety and the avoidance of sexual activity ”.

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